Glutathione Function

November 15, 2019

Glutathione Function

The main physiological functions of glutathione are free radical scavenging, anti - oxidation and anti - aging.It is the main free radical scavenger in the body.Glutathione not only scavenge free radicals, but also enhance human immunity.Not only does it increase the ability of blood cells to make protective substances (substances that protect the body from infection), but it also lowers the total amount of inflammatory substances in the body, which are made by cells.Glutathione has a greater effect on retarded cells in the elderly than in the young.Thus glutathione will maintain the aging immune system and keep it healthy.

In the nutrition bible, British nutritionist Patrick haldford says: "glutathione helps detoxify the body, thereby protecting us from automobile fumes, carcinogens, infectious diseases, excessive alcohol and toxic elements.Glutathione, which is absorbed directly into the body without digestion, is one of the most effective oral nutrients.

Glutathione has a powerful protective effect against radiation-induced leukopenia and other symptoms.

Glutathione can not only be used as medicine, but also as the base material of functional food.

The therapeutic and preventive effects of neutralizing poison include:


Glutathione can directly chelate with the heavy metal ingested in the body to form an insoluble substance expelled from the body, playing a neutralizing role.So glutathione can detoxify acrylonitrile, fluoride, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, organic solvents and carcinogens.It has a protective effect on erythrocyte membrane and can prevent hemolysis, thereby reducing methemoglobin.

2.Protective effect on damaged organs:

Chemotherapy is an important means for the treatment of malignant tumors, but chemotherapy drugs through interfering with cell metabolism, the formation of oxygen free radicals damage normal cells, glutathione can eliminate the formation of oxygen free radicals in the process of chemotherapy, or with chemotherapy drugs and their metabolites to form low-toxic products, protect or restore damaged cells or damaged organs.Glutathione can effectively improve organ damage caused by radiation therapy, radioactive drugs or the use of tumor drugs, and inflammation of bone marrow tissue caused by radiation.

3.Liver protection:

The liver is the main site of glutathione synthesis, and glutathione has the highest concentration in the liver.Glutathione levels decrease with liver disease and hypoxemia, thus exacerbating degeneration and necrosis of liver cells.In severe trauma, a large number of free radicals are produced, unsaturated fatty acids of cell membranes are oxidized into lipid peroxygens, and a series of secondary injuries are caused.Glutathione can directly antagonize the toxicity of oxygen free radicals by supplying H+, scavenge superoxide ions and other free radicals in the body, and prevent liver cell damage.Because glutathione has a strong reduction effect, it increases the tolerance of liver cell membrane to oxygen free radical, thus protecting liver cell membrane, increasing the stability of liver cell membrane and decreasing liver enzyme.It has been reported abroad that the application of glutathione in the treatment of fulgent liver failure caused by drug poisoning has achieved satisfactory results.


Glutathione is an endogenous radioprotective substance with high content and poor radiosensitivity.The content is low and its radiosensitivity is strong.The reason is that glutathione itself is a kind of ray protectant, which can cause the rays to be quench by glutathione through direct and indirect action of various free radicals which produce high activity in organisms.

5.Enhance immunity:

The human body itself is composed of large and small cells, it can be said that the human body is a cell kingdom.And neutrophil phagocytic cells, lymphocytes, etc in the body's immune system, thus spontaneous immune ability to the human body, can against external pathogenic substances such as bacteria, virus, parasite invasion, can also solve the abnormal physiological changes in the body, such as the proliferation of cancer cells, so as to maintain the normal order of survival, protect the body health.However, for the immune system to function properly, immune cells must be fully activated and differentiated, and glutathione plays this role.When the concentration of glutathione in cells is maintained or higher than the normal level, various immune cells of the human body will be fully activated and differentiated, thus enhancing the immunity of the human body and preventing tumor, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune diseases and many chronic diseases.On the contrary, if the concentration of glutathione in cells is reduced to 40%, the activity of T cells (the body's main immune cells) will be completely inhibited, the immune function of the body will be greatly affected, and some diseases will take the opportunity to commit crimes.In summary, the effects of glutathione on human cells can be summed up in eight words: inhibition, activation, repair and promotion.Inhibit cell changes, enhance human immunity.

6.HIV suppression:

Glutathione has been shown to inhibit HIV.

7.Skin Whitening role of clinical treatment and prevention

Most cosmetics contain lead, which can irritate the skin and cause dark spots on the skin.When the body is aging, various free radicals are produced in the body. Free radicals, as human waste, are one of the important endotoxins in the body.Because glutathione can remove free radicals, chelate heavy metals and other endotoxin, prevent skin pigmentation, prevent the formation of new melanin and reduce its oxidation, it is suitable for delaying aging and has a good effect.In addition, the chemical nature of melin peptide GSH is small molecule peptide, so it is easily absorbed by skin through cell membrane for external use, and it is very effective for cosmetic external use.At the same time, glutathione as a small molecular peptide, it can be taken orally without being digested, so glutathione oral more effective.Therefore, glutathione has a good effect of beautifying, beautifying and rejuvenating no matter it is used internally or externally.

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