Abamectin: benefits, side effects and usage

January 28, 2021

What is Abamectin?

Abamectin is a kind of antibiotic insecticide, acaricide and nematocide. It belongs to insect nerve agent. It has the characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficiency, low residue and safety to human, animal and environment.Abamectin is a natural product isolated from soil microorganisms. It has tentacidal and gastric toxicity to insects and mites, and has a weak fumigation effect without inhalation.But it has a strong osmotic effect on leaves, can kill the insect under the epidermis, the residual period is long, but does not kill the egg.

Abamectin Function

Abamectin is mainly used for the control of a variety of pests and mites on vegetables, fruit trees and cotton. It can drive and kill nematodes, insects and mites, and is used for the treatment of nematodes, mites and parasitic insect diseases of livestock and poultry.Abamectin has strong binding force with soil, and will not move, leach or pollute the environment when adsorbed by soil.Abamectin can be adsorbed by soil and decomposed by microorganisms. It is easily degraded in soil and water and has no residue.There is no accumulation and persistent residue in the organism, so there is no accumulation in the environment.

Abamectin Usage

1. For the prevention and control of vegetable diamondback moth, beet exigua and litus exigua, you can use 1.8% abamectin emulsion 30~40 milliliters per mu, mixed with water for uniform spray.
2. For the prevention and control of aphid, red spider and gall mite of fruit trees, you can use 1.8% abamectin emulsion 30~40 ml per mu, and spray with water.
3, control flowers aphids, scale insects, thrips these pests, can be used per mu with 1.8% avermectin emulsion 30~50 ml, water spray.
4. For the control of rice leaf rolling borer, 30~45 ml of 2.2% avermectin emulsion can be used per mu and evenly sprayed with water.
Notes for the use of abamectin: Note 1, abamectin can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.
Note 2. Abamectin is highly toxic to fish, so do not pollute reservoirs and rivers when applying it.