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Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sengmei
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Inositol
Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
Price: USD 5~10/kg
Packaging Details: 1kg/bag;25kg/Durm
Delivery Time: 1-3work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000kg per Month
Detail Information
Name: Inositol CAS: 87-89-8
EINECS: 200-603-0 Color: White
Purity: 99% Delivery Time: 1-3work Days
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vitamin d supplement powder


pure inositol powder

Product Description

TOP quality pure Inositol Vitamin B8 CAS 87-89-8 in lowest price

Inositol Vitamin B8 Description

Inositol is a fine white powder. Odorless, sweet. Relative density is 1.752,1.524 (dihydrate). Stability in the air. To heat, acid and alkali stability. Its aqueous solution was neutral to litmus. No optical activity. Soluble in water 6ml per gram. Hardly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform.

Inositol Vitamin B8 Function


1. In Medical Industry:mainly used to confect multi-vitamin pills and various nutritional amino acid- vitamin infusion products. In addition, it can also be used in the treatment of cirrhosis,hepatitis,fatty liver,arteriosclerosis,high cholesterol in the blood,high diabetes, carbon tetrachloride poisoning etc. Its anti-cancer effects are particularly remarkable.

2. In Food Industry:it may be taken directly or used as nutrientdrinks or nutrient agent of food for children. It may stimulate themetabolism of human body,such as Red Bull.

3. In Feed Industry:as a food additives, inositol is used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth.As a feed additives, not only increase growth rate, but also avoid the most common inositol deficiency of shrimp and fish.

4. In Fermentation Industry:Inositol is used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth, prevention of skin-aging and hair loss.


Inositol Vitamin B8 Application
Pharmaceutical industry

Creatine can be used to produce inositol tablets, niacin inositol fat, maitong, triglyceride, to treat hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and hypercholesterolemia in the blood.
Niacin inositol is prepared from niacin, phosphorus oxychloride, and inositol by reaction of niacin with phosphorus oxyhydroxide, and then reaction with inositol.
Fluorinositol is a new product just developed, which has anti-cancer, anti-cancer and highly effective immune function.
Chemical synthesis of taxol, its cancer treatment effect is poor;
However, when modified with inositol, the cancer treatment effect is better than that of natural products.
Both domestic and foreign demand for taxol has been in short supply.
This has become a new consumption point for inositol in the pharmaceutical industry.

Food industry

Inositol is a "living", to participate in the activities of the metabolism of the body, with a variety of action such as immunity, prevention and treatment of certain diseases, in the fermentation and food industry, can be used for a variety of bacterial culture and promote the growth of yeast, higher animals, such as if the lack of inositol, there will be growth stagnation and hair wait for a phenomenon, the body every day to the demand of inositol is l - 2 g, many health drink and children's food is added have a trace of inositol.
Inositol is also a growth factor for certain microbes in the intestine, and in the absence of other vitamins, it stimulates the microbes that lack them to synthesize vitamins.

Feed industry

Inositol should be added to the feed of fish, aquatic animals, rare birds, fur animals, watching cats, dogs and other exotic animals.
Inositol supplementation is usually 300-500 mg/kg in prawn and fish feeds, 1000 mg/kg in fish and salmon feeds and 150 mg/kg in eel and carp feeds recommended by roche, otherwise inositol deficiency will occur.
Practice has proved that inositol added into the feed can promote the growth and prevent the death of livestock, the amount of which is usually 0.2-0.5% of the feed.
The annual consumption of inositol for animals alone in Japan is above 100t.
Other aspects

Inositol can be deeply processed into inositol methyl ether, inositol peptide, inositol organic acid ester, inositol inorganic acid ester, inositol halide, inositol phosphate inositol ester, amino cyclosugar alcohol and other products.
Since 1990 s, people discover inositol and sarcoma alkaline can make adipose transform for heat energy to use up, because this contains inositol to reduce weight fat to fall bodybuilding food and nutrient health care to taste all the rage of Europe and the United States.
Inositol Vitamin B8 Specification
CAS no. 87-89-8 Quantity 500kg
Storage In an airtight container, protected from light.
Items of analysis Specification Results
Identification (A. B) Positive reaction Passed test
Clarity of solution The same clarity as that of Water Passed test
Color of solution The test solution is not more intensely colored than standard solution A, Standard solution B, Standard solution C or water. Passed test
Conductivity Not more than 20pS/cm 9.9 pS/cm
Water Not more than 0.5% 0.03%
Barium Passes test Passed test
Limit of lead Not more than 0.5 mg/kg Not detected
Related compounds Not more than 0.3% of any individual impurity Passed test
  Not more than 1.0% of total impurities Passed test
Assay, on the anhydrous basis Not less than 97.0 % and not more than 102.0% 99.6%
Total Aerobic Bacteria <103cfu/g <10cfu/g
Molds & Yeasts <102cfu/g <10cfu/g
Escherichia coli Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative/25g Negative
Conclusion Conforms with USP40-NF35


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